Seamless Teleradiology platform

Our workflow platform and secured network runs on the latest cloud-based PACS and RIS technology.

Seamless connection

Using our fully integrated PACS and RIS technology, we can provide a seamless connection to our client’s PACS, RIS and other systems. Through this technology, we can capture, store, distribute and display images, document, scan and report digitally. This eliminates the need to manually file, retrieve or transport film jackets.

Teleradiology technology
Teleradiology technology

Our teleradiology platform is designed specifically to manage teleradiology workflow by creating an efficient operations management system that delivers high quality, accurate and rapid report turnaround time.

Our radiologists have access to the latest high resolution diagnostic teleradiology LED display monitors. In addition, we use Dragon voice recognition report transcription technology to eliminate the extensive process of report movement between medical typists and radiologists and reduce teleradiology reporting turnaround time.

All operations are supported by a remote IT management team 24/7 365 days a year.

Embracing Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Since its introduction to medicine, AI has undergone a metamorphosis. AI in radiology was initially viewed with concerns that it would eventually replace the expertise of radiologists as well as potentially having a negative impact on patient care and the quality of results.
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Reshaping the future

However, it is now clear within Teleradiology that by embracing AI, we can reshape the future and transform the work of radiologists by allowing them to do their work faster and more efficiently.
Over the years, we have seen AI in Teleradiology grow significantly from a few innovative solutions tentatively testing the edges of capability into a recognised state of the art technology and market.
At RADMEDIC Group, we have embraced this cutting-edge technology to ensure that we are able to adapt to the changing times and remain relevant to future technological advancements in radiology.
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