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General Routine, Overflow and Backlog Reporting

Whether you a public or private hospital, or a private imaging entity including mobile diagnostic units, it can challenging to stay up to date with all your radiology reporting requirements without overstretching your local radiologists.

As a radiologist led company, we understand your needs.

We work in partnership with clients of all sizes across the full range of radiology modalities to reduce pressure and burnout of your in-house radiologists.
We do not aim to replace your in-house radiologists, but rather, we offer you tailor made offsite reporting solutions that are aimed at creating an extension of your in-house radiology team.
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Turnaround time

Our standard turnaround time for routine reporting is 48 hours, but we also accommodate prearranged urgent requests. All urgent findings are communicated by telephone.




Subspecialty Reporting

We currently offer subspecialty reporting in MSK radiology and we are in the process of developing niche sub specialty groups in other areas.

Through our subspecialty Teleradiology service, we help you achieve maximum diagnostic benefits and a high quality of patient care. We support both general and subspecialty radiology departments or groups seeking support in a select niche within their practice.

Teleradiology Specialty Reporting

Urgent Out of Hours Reporting

Through our urgent out of hours reporting service, we offer you an extension to your in-house radiology team enabling you to continue to deliver high-quality patient care at all times.

We offer free protocoling and clinical consultation for all out of hours studies, with triaging of poly-trauma studies.

Our turnaround time for urgent on-call reporting is 60 minutes or less, with 30 minute turnaround time for stroke reporting from the time we receive the images.

We offer a free preliminary verbal report within 10 minutes of receiving all images for Thrombolysis Stroke imaging and Polytrauma studies.

All scans are read by fully accredited radiologists in line with your specific needs.

From 2022, our presence in the UK, Ireland and Australia will enable us to offer an innovative and expedite solution to reporting urgent out of hours radiology scans. By taking advantage of time differences between the two hemispheres, scans performed at night in Ireland can be reported during daytime hours by wide awake fully accredited radiologists in Sydney. This eliminates the requirement for inhouse after hours work, improves the quality of reports and reduces burn-out among inhouse radiologists.

10% of studies reported as urgent out of hours work are double read in the morning by a second radiologist. This ensures both quality assurance and continuing medical education for our radiologists.